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French number practice
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Exercices avec les chiffres

Numbers are one of the most basic and essential aspects of language, and at times one of the most confounding. Trying to make sense of numbers being rattled off in the form of prices, phone numbers, and dates can be extremely frustrating – and this is especially true with French double digits starting at 70. This selection of lessons and exercises will help you learn, remember, and understand French numbers of all kinds.

And to make it more fun, I’ve included some Itchy Feet comics!*

French numbers by Itchy Feet

French Number Lessons

Cardinal Numbers (Counting)

Other Numbers

Miscellaneous Number Lessons

More French numbers by Itchy Feet

Using Numbers

Grammar lessons and vocab lists related to concepts where numbers play a big part.

Number Drills

PwLF super list of number lessons

Practice listening to random numbers:

Nonante by Itchy Feet

Listening Practice

Audio articles and videos to practice understanding French numbers in context.

L’accent circonflexe ne disparaît pas
Aimé Césaire
Arc de Triomphe
Carnaval de Nice
Le chocolat à Paris
Comment est née la langue française ?
Dans les coulisses du Moulin Rouge
Déclaration d’indépendance de la Belgique
Le français au Canada
Le français dans le monde
Les Français aiment leur travail
Informations personnelles
Jours fériés
Jules Verne
Le Louvre
Mai 68
Un mauvais numéro
Mont Saint-Michel
Notre-Dame de Paris : l’incendie
Numéros de téléphone spéciaux
Le palais de l’Élysée
Les Présidentielles 2017
Les soldes
La tour Eiffel
Village des neiges

 * Itchy Feet comics are published here with the permission of Malachi Ray Rempen.

Itchy Feet website | Itchy Feet on Facebook

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French numbers

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