Ad and Affiliate Disclosure

Or, why is this site free?

The vast majority of the content on is free.* Does that mean it’s not quality content, or that it was thrown together quickly? Not at all! I have been creating and recreating the content for this and my previous French site since 1999, and it has been my full-time or nearly full-time job for two decades. How is that possible? A combination of advertising, affiliate links, co-branded sites, and donations.

Advertising is the most obvious and easiest to understand, as we are bombarded with it not only here on the internet, but also TV, radio, and print media. My advertising situation is very simple: I have a revenue partner, a company called Monumetric,** which serves as an intermediary between my site and the companies that want to advertise on it. That way, instead of me having to deal with ads and billing for a dozen different companies, Monumetric handles everything and just pays me every month. Therefore, I do not have a relationship with individual advertisers, and their presence on my site does not necessarily mean that I endorse their products.

Affiliates are companies with which I have signed a contract to review and/or promote their products, in exchange for a commission on any sales that result from my readers clicking those links. For example,** and Yabla.** This commission is not added to the price my readers pay: it is paid out of the company’s profits. For them, it’s a bit like paying for an ad after the fact. In addition, the potential commission does not affect whether I recommend or how I rate any given product or service. I only promote products that I believe are worthwhile, whether or not I have the potential to earn anything from a sale.

Co-branded sites are similar to affiliates in terms of commissions, but are created in partnership with companies who offer such outstanding services that I offer them as part of my own website. There are only two: Progress with Lawless French and Lawless French Immersion, and it’s extremely unlikely that there will ever be a third. For more info about these sites and how they enhance, please see Beyond Lawless French.

Donations are optional payments that readers make, whether once or on an ongoing basis, to support my work.

So there you have it. Though 98% of my readers pay nothing to use this site, I am fairly compensated for my work on it, thanks to a combination of the above features.

Bonne continuation !

Laura K Lawless
Creator of Lawless French

* Except the mot du jour, which is bonus content exclusive to readers who support this site.

** These are affiliate links. If you click them and then purchase something, I may earn a commission.

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