Verb Timeline

Tableau chronologique de verbes français

This table shows how all 24 French verb tenses and moods fit together. Click any link for a detailed lesson on that tense-mood combination.

Voir ce tableau en français

    Indicative compound past
[ simple past ]
[ past anterior ]
 present future
future perfect
Subjunctive past subjunctive
[ imperfect subj ]
[ pluperfect subj ]
 subjunctive ( subjunctive )
Imperative past imperative imperative ( imperative )
Conditional past conditional
[ past conditional 2 ]
 conditional ( conditional )
 Infinitive past infinitive infinitive future infinitive
Participle past participle
perfect participle
 present participle future participle


Personal moods have different conjugations for each subject, while impersonal moods have only one form.

( Parentheses ) indicate present tense verb forms which are also used for the future.

[ Brackets ] indicate literary equivalents.

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French verb timeline

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