Baby Talk

French baby talk
French has quite a bit of "baby talk" or "kiddie speak" - words and expressions which are typically used by children or when talking to children. Even if you don't talk to kids in French, this informal language is important to recognize, as baby talk can also be found in jokes and in conversations with friends.


Essential French

Essential French phrases
Knowing just a few key words and phrases can be very helpful in your French classes, while traveling in France, and everywhere in between.


Informal Negation

Informal French negationThe rule is that to make a French verb negative, you need ne in front of the verb and pas after it. The reality of how the French speak says otherwise.


Music for French Mastery

French musicResearch shows that singing foreign language phrases helps you remember them longer. Whether you like rock, rap, or country music, there are bound to be French-speaking artists creating songs you'll enjoying singing along to in order to improve your French!



Quand même

Quand même - French expression
You're not really going to pass up the opportunity to learn how to use this French expression, quand même.




Nous voilà !
This is a comprehensive lesson on a very useful French expression, voilà.


What is fluency?

What is fluency?There’s no secret recipe for fluency; indeed, it’s difficult to even find consensus on what "fluency" actually means. Is it the ability to have a conversation, or language proficiency equivalent to that of a native speaker?