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Taking a quiz is a quick way to find out how much you know about any given French topic, so it’s easy to see that the more quizzes you take, the more you can focus your learning efforts on exactly what you need the most help with.

My co-branded site, Progress with Lawless French, will guide you in your efforts by refining your personalized Studyplan with each kwiz you take.

I also have dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages that are all quizzes, all the time, so be sure to check those out. Happy quizzing!

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I have less money than you = J'ai moins d'argent que toi.

Why? Because it's unspecific - learn more at
📚 t.co/OVVnkUBRME 📚

Tiny 🇫🇷 test I have less 💰 money 💰 than you. = J'ai moins _____ que toi. 🤔 🤔 🤔 Not sure? Check out 📚 www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/de-vs-du-de-la-des-quantity/ 📚 #frenchtest

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Don't get turned around with this #frenchquiz on inversion: lklawl.es/2wswxq3 ...

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