Bien Expressions

French expressions with bien
The French adverb bien literally means "well" or "good" and is found in a variety of idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say really, good talker, we'll see, and more with this list of expressions with bien.


Bon Expressions

French expressions with bon
The French word bon can be an adjective or noun and is found in many expressions. Learn how to say cheap, healthy, hearty eater,  and more with this list of expressions with bon.


Chandeleur, Jour des crêpes

Crêpe Day
La Chandeleur, le 2 février, est une fête catholique qui commémore la purification de la Vierge Marie et la présentation de l'enfant Jésus. En France, elle s'appelle également la Fête de la Lumière et le jour des crêpes.








Mettre le doigt

This lesson will help you put your finger on several French expressions featuring the phrase mettre le doigt.


Money Expressions

French money expressions
Expressions related to money are worth their weight in gold. Learn how to say money doesn't grow on trees, make a living, be stingy, and dozens of other French expressions and proverbs related to money.