11 Patriotic Expressions

Patriotic French expressions
It's always interesting to know what people have to say about their country and themselves, so here are 11 expressions and quotations somehow related to patriotism and the je ne sais quoi of Frenchness.


À cause de

À cause de
Any difficulties you have because of the French expression à cause de will be banished with this lesson.

À chacun son goût

À chacun son goût
You might like to read about the French expression à chacun son goût on your laptop, while someone else could use their smartphone. To each their own!


À l’avance

A l'avance
By reading this lesson ahead of time, you'll be ready to use the French expression à l'avance when you need it.

À l’égard de

A l'égard de
I'm sure you'll have a good attitude toward the French expression à l'égard de after reading this lesson.