À consommer avec modération

A consommer avec modération
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Advisory French Expression

Meaning Drink in moderation
Literally To be consumed with restraint
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [ah ko(n) suh may ah vehk muh day rah syo(n)]
IPA   [a kɔ̃ sɔ me a vɛk mɔ da ra sjɔ̃]

Usage notes: À consommer avec modération is a standard warning phrase often included in ads for alcohol.

 This phrase is optional, unlike the phrase L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé which is required by la Loi Evinlearn more.


Consommez avec modération – the use of the imperative makes this suggestion a bit more personal than the passive infinitive à consommer.

À consommer avec modération / Consommez avec modération may also be used for other things that shouldn’t be overindulged, like junk food and TV.

French antonym À consommer sans modération is sometimes used playfully for things like healthy food and reading.

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À consommer avec modération

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