French Workbook for Dummies

by Laura K Lawless

If you enjoy learning a language by reading lessons and then taking lots of quizzes, this is the French book for you. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to start learning French as well as for intermediate students who need to brush up on essential grammar and cement their knowledge with quizzes.

Topics range from greetings and holiday wishes to parts of speech and verb conjugations, and there are tons of practice exercises throughout.

French Workbook for Dummies at a glance

French Workbook for Dummies

Want more details? Download the Table of Contents (7 pages)

French Workbook for Dummies is available in both paperback (recommended) and ebook versions at,, or your favorite bookstore.

ISBN 1119982030

French Workbook for Dummies is a heavily modified version of my 2008 book Intermediate French for Dummies. The new book is aimed more toward beginners (A1 / A2): I removed 7 more advanced chapters and reworked the remaining 14, improving explanations and adding a ton of new exercises. I also included 3 brand-new chapters. Nonetheless, a substantial part of the content is similar, so Intermediate French for Dummies was removed from bookstores. You might be able to find a used version, or you can become a Fana de Lawless French and get a signed copy of either book.  🙂

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French Workbook for Dummies

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