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Bonjour les Francophiles ! This free website is packed with resources for students of all levels – where to begin?

If you’re just starting to learn French, go directly to French for beginners: a self-study checklist will guide you through lessons in a logical way.

Alternatively, if you just want to learn some useful travel phrases, sign up for my 6-week travel French ecourse.

Otherwise, you can use this site à la carte – here are some links that might help.

Lessons and exercises by level

Lawless French has grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation lessons as well as listening and reading comprehension exercises sorted by level.

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Lessons and exercises by topic

If you’re using a computer, the right-hand column is your friend: you’ll find a search box followed by categories and tags for everything from abbreviations and common mistakes to speaking practice and word order. If you’re on a mobile device, these lists are way down at the bottom, so you might like to check out the lesson index or sitemap instead.

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Progress with Lawless French

My partner site, Progress with Lawless French, offers a much more personalized experience: after taking the proficiency test, you’ll be presented with a study plan based on what you know and what you still need to work on.

Conversational FrenchStudy – Learn – Practice

All kinds of French learning tips to help you make the most effective use of your time.

Daily French

Find ideas for daily French practice and be sure to check out the French word(s) of the day.


If you don’t understand something in a lesson, you can post a question at the end (as a blog comment), or you can ask on the Progress with Lawless French Q+A forum. Or for general French discussion, join us on social media.



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A bit of info about the creator of Lawless French and author of Intermediate French for Dummies.

Beyond Lawless French

What’s the difference between Lawless French, Progress with Lawless French, and Lawless French Immersion?

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