Dis donc

Dis donc
Hey, you should read this lesson about the useful French expression dis donc.


Affective Accent

French affective accentIn English, you can emphasize an important word or syllable by pronouncing it more loudly, as in "It's magNIFicent!" That's not the case in French, which uses the affective accent instead.



Faire la bise

Faire la biseFrench kissing has always been a fascinating part of French culture. Not in the sense of kissing with tongues (a topic for another site!), but rather the ubiquitous exchange of cheek kisses upon meeting and greeting in France.



Jour J

Le jour J
The big day is here when you can learn about the French expression le jour J.


Peu à peu

Peu à peu
Reading about peu à peu will gradually help you understand this French expression.

Cars and Driving

Cars and driving - French vocabulary
Driving comes with a whole mess of rules (that I can't help you with) as well as some specialized French vocabulary (which I can). Learn how to drive in French with this vocab list.



Exclamative Adverbs

French exclamative adverbsAn exclamative adverb (comme, que, ce que) is a word or phrase used in front of a clause to express a strong emotion like surprise or awe.