Obligation and Necessity

Obligations in French
When you have to do something, you require certain verbs and formulas. Here's the French vocabulary and verbs you need to express obligation and necessity.

À la fin

A la fin
Be sure to read this lesson on the French expression à la fin - in the end, you'll find it really useful.


Temples à Metz
Metz (Moselle) est une ville aux couleurs vives. C'est un endroit idéal pour ceux qui aiment se balader le long des quais et qui apprécient les écrins de nature en ville.




Adjectives with Prepositions

French adjectives with prepositionsWhen describing someone as capable of doing or determined to do something, a preposition is required between the adjective and verb. In French, the choice of preposition depends on the adjective that precedes it, not the verb that follows.


Variable Auxiliary Verbs

Variable French auxiliary verbsAbout two dozen intransitive French verbs require être as their auxiliary in the compound tenses and moods. Of these, eight can be used transitively, and when they are, two things happen.