Arriver Expressions

French expressions with arriver
The French verb arriver, "to arrive," is found in many idiomatic expressions, including to get one's way, to be completely irrelevant, and to get into trouble. Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring arriver.



Saint Patrick’s Day

French vocabulary for St. Patrick's Day
Ireland's national holiday is celebrated by Irish people all over the world. Saint Patrick's Day is observed in more countries than any other national holiday, and is a multi-day festival in Ireland itself. Learn some French vocabulary related to this joyful celebration of Irish culture.


Croire - to believeCroire literally means "to believe" but has somewhat varying meanings depending on the preposition used. Learn the difference between croire à and croire en, plus other uses of croire.



Faire (un) demi-tour

Faire demi-tour
If you just passed this lesson on the French expressions faire demi-tour and faire un demi-tour, do a U-turn and click to read it.