Gender Quiz

French gender
Some categories of French nouns are always or nearly always either masculine or feminine. See if you've mastered them with this quiz.


Passive Constructions

French passive constructionsThe best-known passive construction is the passive voice, which has a verb performing on a subject (e.g., he is seen). But did you know that French has several other passive constructions that are just as important to recognize and use?


Marie Curie

Marie Curie
Work on your French listening comprehension with this pop-up book about Marie Curie narrated by children.



French Easter vocubulary
In 2021, Easter is on 4 April, and the week immediately preceding Easter (Sunday to Saturday) is called Holy Week. Here's all the French vocabulary you need to celebrate this Christian period of renewal.


Tout – Adverb

French adverbThe French adverb tout modifies various parts of speech, including adjectives and other adverbs. It can be a little strange, adverbially speaking.