French Halloween vocabulary
Halloween is not a French holiday, though each passing year sees a few more bits and pieces of it imported to France. Nevertheless, learning the French translations for Halloween vocabulary can be fun, especially for younger students. 'Appy 'Alloween! :-)

Writing Exercises

French writing exercises
Looking for a fun way to practice writing in French? You'll love these self-scoring translation exercises on my co-branded site, Progress with Lawless French.


Tu Imperative

French imperativeThe majority of imperative conjugations are identical to their present tense conjugations - the only difference is that there's no subject pronoun. The exception is the tu form of some verbs, in some constructions.


La tour Eiffel

La tour Eiffel
Watch a three-minute video about the Eiffel Tower to work on your French listening comprehension. (Transcript and side-by-side translation are also included.)