France Expressions

Expressions with France
Of course you know that la France means "France," but are you aware that this country's name is also used in some idiomatic expressions? Learn how to say ordinary people, the rich, and more with this list of expressions with France.

Vive la France !

Vive la France !
Vive la France is a French expression near and dear to the heart of every Francophile. You've undoubtedly heard it many times, especially in mid-July and during the World Cup. Get le scoop on what vive la France actually means as well as how it's spelled and pronounced with this detailed analysis.


Y compris

Y compris
This lesson has everything you need to use the French expression y compris, including a sound file.

Mastering Verb Conjugations

Conjugating French verbsThe mountain of French verb conjugations you have to learn can be overwhelming - even just in the classroom where you have plenty of time to think about the correct response. Once you start talking to people in the real world, trying to figure out the appropriate verb conjugation can leave you speechless - literally. So what's the solution? Learn, then practice, practice, practice!


Allez les Bleus !

Allez les Bleus
Support the French team one more time during the World Cup finals by learning about the slogan allez les Bleus !


Bastille Day à fond

Bastille DayThis issue of Lawless French à fond takes an in-depth look at the French national holiday and explains everything you could possibly want to know about the celebration of Bastille Day.


Answering Questions

French questionsIn English, you can only answer yes / no questions with variations on the themes of yes, no, and I don't know. French, however, has another possibility: yes in response to no.


Tout à coup

Tout à coup
Upon reading this lesson, you'll suddenly know how to use the French expression tout à coup.