Fun French lessonsRead my review of Frantastique, a story-based learning program with exercises, dialogues, stories, historical notes, videos, and comics. Each lesson takes about 15 minutes, making it easy to squeeze daily practice into a busy schedule.

French dicos on sale

I don't know about you, but the end of the year always seems to make me think about updating all of my software, especially French dictionaries. I was very pleased to discover that my favorites are now available as online subscriptions for considerably less than the downloadable versions I've always used. Plus, they're on sale!

Grammar Checkers

French grammar checkersA grammar checker can correct spelling and some grammar errors. While they can never replace a human, if all you need is a quick, automated check, they can find obvious mistakes and signal potential errors. But just how good - or bad - are they?


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Pronunciation Tools

French pronunciation toolsThere's no replacement for studying French pronunciation with a native speaker, but that's not always in the cards (or budget). For students who are limited to studying on their own, there's an online course and a couple of good book-and-CD programs that can help you improve your French pronunciation.

The Flow of French

The Flow of French
The Flow of French is a music-based pronunciation training course that combines the flexibility of the internet with personalized feedback.


Think French Audiomagazine

Think French audiomagazine
Think French is an intermediate-level French audiomagazine that is published exclusively online. Each monthly issue contains eight 2-page features on a variety of subjects related to France and other francophone countries, as well as a grammar lesson and a listen-and-repeat exercise.


zBien-Dire French Audiomagazine

Bien-Dire French audiomagazineFrench listening practiceRegular French listening practice is an essential part of developing your ear and improving your comprehension, and the French audiomagazine Bien-Dire is an excellent tool that can help you do just that.