French adjectivesOne of the eight parts of speech, adjectives are a type of modifier. They serve the same purpose in French and English, but they are very different in two respects.



Adjectives with Prepositions

French adjectives with prepositionsWhen describing someone as capable of doing or determined to do something, a preposition is required between the adjective and verb. In French, the choice of preposition depends on the adjective that precedes it, not the verb that follows.


Adverbs of Manner

French adverbsAdverbs of manner express how the action of a verb occurs. In English, the vast majority of adverbs of manner end in -ly, whereas in French, they mostly end in -ment. They are created from adjectives.


Agreement with Subjects

French agreement with subjectsThe three French verb constructions which include some form of être plus a past participle usually require grammatical agreement of the past participle with the subject.



French appocopes
Many French nouns and adjectives have shortened forms called apocopes, which are created by dropping one or more syllables at the end of the word. Some of these are further modified by adding o to the end.


Demonstrative Adjectives

French demonstrative adjectivesCe, cette, cet, and ces are demonstrative adjectives, which are used to indicate a specific noun or nouns. In French, they must agree with the noun(s) in number and sometimes gender.


Euphonic Adjectives

French euphonic adjectivesFrench grammar is sometimes trumped by pronunciation, as in the case of euphonic adjectives. Because French does not like the hiatus created when a word ending with a vowel precedes a word that begins with a vowel or mute h, a few adjectives change their spelling—and thus their pronunciation—for purely euphonic reasons.


Exclamative Adjectives

French exclamative adjectivesTo express admiration, surprise, contempt, or another strong feeling about a noun, you can use the exclamative adjective quel, meaning "what (a)."



French fractions
In both French and English, there's a lot of overlap between fractions and ordinals: the vast majority of these two types of numbers share the same word. In English, they are identical from "third" on up, while in French they're the same starting with cinquième.


Indefinite Adjectives

French indefinite adjectivesIndefinite adjectives like certains, divers, and quelques describe nouns in a general or non-specific way. Many indefinite adjectives indicate a vague quantity.




Lequel – Relative Adjective

French relative adjective lequelRelative pronouns are rare in both French and English, as they are found primarily in legal, administrative, and other very formal language. The French relative pronoun lequel creates a link between a preceding antecedent and a following noun.