Adjectives Functioning as Adverbs

Adjectifs en qualité d’adverbes

By definition, adjectives modify nouns. But more than 30 French adjectives can sometimes modify verbs instead, thus taking on the role and characteristics of adverbs, including the fact that they are invariable.

Ces oiseaux volent bas.   These birds are flying low.
Ça sent bon.   That smells good.
Les fraises coûtent cher.   Strawberries are expensive.
Elle voit clair dans la situation.   She has a clear understanding of the situation.
Ils se sont arrêtés court.   They stopped short.
Les cartons sonnent creux.   The boxes sound empty.
Il faut l’amener direct à l’hôpital. (inf)   You have to take him straight to the hospital.
Elle file toujours doux.   She’s always docile.
Fixe les yeux droit devant toi.   Look straight ahead.
La pluie tombe dru.   The rain falls heavily.
Nous travaillons dur.   We work hard.
La guitare sonne faux.   The guitar is out of tune.
Ils le discutent ferme.   They’re discussing it vigorously.
Anne joue très fin.   Anne plays very cleverly.
Frappe fort à la porte.   Knock hard on the door.
Elle l’a dit tout franc.   She said it frankly.
Il faut viser plus grand.   You have to think bigger.
Mangeons moins gras.   Let’s eat fewer fatty foods.
Elles risquent gros.   They’re risking a lot.
Haut les mains !   Hands up!
Ta coupe fait jeune.   Your haircut makes you look young.
La division tombe juste.   The division works out exactly.
Elle s’habille trop long.   She wears clothes that are too long.
Les boîtes pèsent lourd.   The boxes are heavy.
Ça sent mauvais.   That smells bad.
Elle écrit menu.   She writes small.
Parlons net.   Let’s speak frankly.
Je les ai plantés profond.   I planted them deeply.
La pente montait raide.   The slope climbed steeply.
Il faut tondre l’herbe ras.   The gras must be cut low.
Elle conduit sec.   She drives like a racecar driver.
Ils jouent serré.   They play a tight game.
Ma mère a vécu vieux.   My mother lived to a ripe old age.
Ta perruque fait vrai.   Your wig looks real.

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French adjectives that function as adverbs

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