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Lawless French ( is an almost entirely free site that I have been personally writing for more than 20 years. It contains thousands of pages of lessons, listening and reading comprehension, verb conjugation tables, cool tools like the Subjunctivisor, and more.

Everything on the www site is freely available to one and all, with a single exception: le mot du jour. Access to this feature is limited to Lawless French members – it’s bonus content for readers who choose to support my work, which makes it possible to continue creating the rest of the site for free.

Lawless French does not require a log in except to read the mot du jour, or to comment on the blog.

Beyond Lawless French

Occasionally, I discover sites that offer extraordinary features far beyond what I am capable of creating myself. I have partnered with two of them to create co-branded versions in order to bring their special features to my readers.

These sites are distinct from Lawless French, with adapted addresses, logos, and site designs. For my readers’ convenience, both are linked in the navigation bar at the top of every page of Lawless French, but they are not related and therefore require separate subscriptions.

Progress with Lawless French Star

Progress with LFProgress with Lawless French is an A.I.-powered site that guides you through to fluency. After you take the placement test, it creates your personalized study plan and updates it every time you take a kwiz.

The free version is limited to 10 kwizzes per month, and the Premium version offers unlimited kwizzes, an interactive brainmap, and weekly writing challenges and dictées.

Visit the site  |  Learn more

If you have questions about PwLF or need help with your account, please use the "Contact us" link at the bottom of that site.

Lawless French Immersion Video

LF ImmersionLawless French Immersion is a collection of short videos on a variety of topics (news, culture, sports …), offering real-life French practice. The videos are enhanced with interactive subtitles, quizzes, and other practice features.

The free version includes full access to 15 videos, and the paid Learner version offers access to hundreds more videos and unlimited flashcards.

Visit the site  |  Learn more

If you have questions about LFI or need help with your account, please use the "Message" link at the bottom of that site.

 Feature Comparison

These are the different features available on each site, including the paid versions:

  Lawless French   Progress w/ LF   LF Immersion
Brainmap     Progress w/ LF    
Dictées     Progress w/ LF    
Flashcards         LF Immersion
Grammar lessons Lawless French   Progress w/ LF    
Mot du jour Lawless French        
PDF resources         LF Immersion
Puzzles         LF Immersion
Quizzes Lawless French   Progress w/ LF   LF Immersion
Study plan     Progress w/ LF    
Videos     Progress w/ LF   LF Immersion
  – Interactive subtitles       LF Immersion
  – Slow motion         LF Immersion
Writing challenges   Progress w/ LF    


 If you’re still not sure which site you’re on, look at the logo at the top of the page, or check the address:

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