Impersonal Verbs

Impersonal French verbsMost verbs are personal: they must be conjugated for different grammatical persons. But some verbs are used impersonally, meaning they have only one conjugation, the third person singular.


Indefinite Adjectives

French indefinite adjectivesIndefinite adjectives like certains, divers, and quelques describe nouns in a general or non-specific way. Many indefinite adjectives indicate a vague quantity.


Indefinite Adverbs

French indefinite adverbsTalking about indefinite concepts can be tricky in a foreign language, yet indefinite adverbs are rarely covered as a specific topic in class. This lesson considers them as a group.




Indefinite Pronouns

French indefinite pronounsIndefinite pronouns are vague - they either refer to unspecific nouns (like un autre and quelque chose) or make sweeping generalizations (on, tout le monde).


Indefinite Relative Pronouns

French indefinite relative pronounsIndefinite relative pronouns (ce dont, ce que, ce qui, ce à quoi) are connectors: they link relative clauses to main clauses and, unlike normal relative pronouns, do not not have a specific antecedent.



French expressions with n'importeN'importe literally means "no matter" or "(it) doesn't matter." This indefinite expression can precede an interrogative adjective, adverb, or pronoun when talking about something indefinite or non-specific.