Expressions with n'importe
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Expression indéfinie

N’importe, the contraction of the French negative particle ne and the third person singular conjugation of importer (to matter), literally means "no matter" or "(it) doesn’t matter." This indefinite expression can precede an interrogative adjective, adverb, or pronoun when talking about something indefinite or non-specific.

N’importe + interrogative adjective = any

N’importe quel followed by a noun refers to an unspecified item.

Vous pouvez prendre n’importe quel siège.   You can take any seat.
N’importe quelle boutique va le vendre.   Any shop will sell it.

N’importe + interrogative adverb = any ___, ___ever

N’importe followed by comment, , or quand indicates that the how, where, or when, respectively, is indefinite.

n’importe comment   (in) any way, however
Il ne faut pas le faire n’importe comment.   You mustn’t (can’t) do it just any old way.
n’importe où   anywhere, wherever
Je peux dormir n’importe où.   I can sleep anywhere.
n’importe quand   any time, whenever
Vous pouvez partir n’importe quand.   You can leave at any time.

N’importe + interrogative pronoun = any ___

N’importe followed by qui, quoi, or lequel can be an indefinite subject, direct or indirect object, or object of a preposition.

n’importe qui   anyone
N’importe qui aurait pu le faire.   Anyone could have done it.
Je ne suis pas n’importe qui !   I’m not just anybody!
n’importe quoi   anything
Il ne faut pas manger n’importe quoi.   You shouldn’t eat just anything.
Je peux écrire sur n’importe quoi.   I can write about anything.
n’importe lequel   any one, any of them
Prends n’importe lequel.   Take any one.
N’importe lequel fera l’affaire.   Any of them will work.

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French expressions with n'importe

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