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French magnetic poetry
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Magnetic poetry is a fun little tool you can use to learn and practice French. 500 magnets with words and parts of words help you to express yourself in a unique and creative way.

Each magnet features a word or part of a word, meaning individual or groups of letters for agreement, plurals, and verb endings. For example, to write Ils chantent you need four magnets:


In addition to writing poetry, you can use the magnets to practice sentence formation, word order, verb conjugations, and more. The set includes a mini dictionary to help you understand any words you don’t know.

I like to display my poetic prowess on my side-by-side refrigerator. I have the individual magnets laid out more or less alphabetically on one door, making it easy to find the word I need and leaving the other door free for my poetic meanderings. You can also write poetry on any other metal surface, such as a desk, locker, or filing cabinet.

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Magnetic poetry for kids

While writing this, I discovered there are several magnetic poetry sets especially for kids. I haven’t tried them, but from their descriptions and photos, they look pretty good.

Kids French Kit – Double-sided magnet flashcards with French on one side and English on the other.
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Magnetic French Words – Chunky double-sides magnet flashcards and a dry-wipe board and pen.
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Magnetic First French Words – Chunky wipe-clean French magnets.
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