Capitalization of Titles

French title capitalizationUnlike most areas of French grammar, the capitalization of French titles of books, movies, etc. does not follow a clearly defined set of rules. Instead, French title capitalization is inconsistent, with competing systems used by writers, publishers, and other authoritative sources.



Chéri, by Colette
Read the opening dialog of the 1920 romance novel Chéri, by Colette.



Les Fleurs du mal
Correspondances, from Les Fleurs du mal, is one of Charles Baudelaire's best-known poems. Read the original in French, and consider one possible translation.


Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac
Read the set description and opening scene of this classic French play, with side-by-side English translation.



Delphine, by Mme de Staël
Read the first few paragraphs of Madame de Staël's epistolary novel Delphine.




ENT French pronunciationThe third person plural verb ending -ent is often not pronounced. The rules for when and how to pronounce it are fairly straightforward: it has to do with two completely different issues.


Formal Negation

French formal negationFrench has three negative constructions that are reserved for formal (usually written) French like literature and historical accounts.