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French near future
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Futur proche

What’s going to happen? You can explain what will happen in the near future with the construction aller + infinitive, the French equivalent of "to be going to do."

To use le futur proche, aka le futur périphrastique,* conjugate aller in the present tense according to the subject, then follow it with the infinitive of the action verb.

Par exemple…

L’avion va atterrir dans 2 minutes.   The plane is going to land in 2 minutes.
Je vais te téléphoner à midi.   I’m going to call you at noon.
Nous allons aller à la plage.   We’re going to go to the beach.

Near Future in the Past

Aller can also be used in the imperfect to say "was going to do" something. This construction is known as le futur proche dans le passé or le futur périphrastique au passé.*

Par exemple…

L’avion allait atterrir tôt mais ….   The plane was going to land early but ….
J’allais te téléphoner quand j’avais des nouvelles.   I was going to call you when I had news.
Nous allions aller à la plage s’il faisait beau.   We were going to go to the beach if it was nice out.

 In English, you can say "I am going to" or "I was going to” and it’s a complete sentence. But French needs more: you have to include an infinitive.

– Tu as fait tes devoirs ?
– Je vais les faire après cette émission.
  – Did you do your homework?
– I’m going to after this show.
– Il faut lire ce livre.
– J’allais le faire / lire mais …
  – You have to read this book.
– I was going to, but …

 Near Future Quizzes

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French near future

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