Drinks in French
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Thirsty? Learn French vocabulary related to drinking and drinks, everything from from water to wine.

drink, beverage   la boisson
to be thirsty avoir soif
to drink   boire
potable, drinkable   potable, buvable

Non-alcoholic drinks – Boissons non alcoolisĂ©es

coffee le café
espresso l’express (m), le cafĂ©
hot chocolate le chocolat (chaud) 
juice le jus
lemonade le citron pressé
milk le lait
pop, soda, soft drink
citrus soda
lemon soda (eg, 7-Up)
le soda, la boisson gazeuse
l’Orangina (m)
le coca
la limonade
iced tea
herbal tea
  le thĂ©
le thé glacé
la tisane, l’infusion
still / plain water
sparkling / mineral water
tap water
  l’eau (f)
l’eau plate, non-gazeuse
l’eau gazeuse
l’eau du robinet

Alcoholic drinks – Boissons alcoolisĂ©es

after-dinner drink   le digestif
anise-flavored apéritif le pastis
beer on tap
la bière
la pression
champagne le champagne
cocktail, pre-dinner drink l’apĂ©ritif (m)
hard cider le cidre
wine le vin

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French drinks

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