Gueule de bois

Une gueule de bois
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Informal French Expression

Meaning hangover
Literally wooden mouth
Register informal
Pronunciation French sound files [geul d(eu) bwah]
IPA   [gœl də bwa]

Usage notes: Rough morning? On the oh-so-rare occasions when you might have a hangover, you’ll find the French expression la gueule de bois useful for describing how you feel, particularly that your mouth (gueule) is as dry as wood (de bois). To have a hangover = avoir la gueule de bois.

Par exemple…

Y a-t-il un remède à la gueule de bois ?   Is there a hangover cure?
Parle doucement, je t’en prie. J’ai la gueule de bois.   Please speak quietly. I have a hangover / I’m hung over.
C’est ma dernière bière, je ne veux pas travailler demain en ayant la gueule de bois.   This is my last beer, I don’t want to have a hangover / be hung over at work tomorrow.

 Conseil concis

Bois also happens to be the first and second person present tense conjugation of boire (to drink).

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Gueule de bois - Hangover

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