Quand même

Quand même - French expression
You're not really going to pass up the opportunity to learn how to use this French expression, quand même.


Reported Speech

French reported speechA large part of communicating has to do with reporting what other people have said. This grammatical grapevine comes in two varieties: direct speech and indirect speech.


Solo Speaking Practice

French speaking practiceEven without a confinement order, it can sometimes be difficult to find other people to practice speaking French with. Believe it or not, there are quite a few ways that you can practice on your own, and they can help you feel more comfortable when you do meet someone face-to-face.

Speaking Practice

French speaking practiceOne reason speaking French can be tricky is that by its very nature it requires at least one other person. But not to worry, finding people to talk to is easier than you might think, no matter where you live.

Speaking Tips

French speaking tipsOf the four language skills, many people find that speaking is the most difficult. Here are tips and resources to help you overcome these obstacles in order to practice French as much as you like.




Nous voilà !
This is a comprehensive lesson on a very useful French expression, voilà.


What is fluency?

What is fluency?There’s no secret recipe for fluency; indeed, it’s difficult to even find consensus on what "fluency" actually means. Is it the ability to have a conversation, or language proficiency equivalent to that of a native speaker?