Numbers and Counting

Les nombres et le calcul

French numbers
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Learn the French numbers and how to count from 0 to 59.

French Numbers: 0-19

The numbers 0 to 19 are pretty easy in French; you just need to memorize them like any other vocabulary:

0zéro  10dix
1un, une 11onze
2deux 12douze
3trois 13treize
4quatre 14quatorze
5cinq 15quinze
6six 16seize
7sept 17dix-sept
8huit 18dix-huit
9neuf 19dix-neuf

  Proper French pronunciation

You’ll notice that the consonants at the end of cinq and huit are pronounced. However, this is only true when the numbers stand alone (as in the sound files), precede a vowel or h muet, or are at the end of a sentence. When either of these numbers is followed by a consonant, that final sound is dropped.

Par exemple…

cinq étudiantsfive studentsq is pronounced [k]
J’en ai cinq.I have five of them.q is pronounced [k]
cinq professeursfive teachersq is silent

Six and dix offer further complications.

  • The x is pronounced [s] when they stand alone or are at the end of a sentence.
  • In front of a vowel, the pronunciation changes to [z] due to the required required liaison.
  • It’s silent when followed by a consonant

Par exemple…

J’en ai six.I have six of them.x is pronounced [s]
six étudiantssix studentsx is pronounced [z]
six professeurssix teachersx is silent

 French number practice

Get used to French numbers with these listen-and-repeat exercises, as well as random number files to test your comprehension:

Using French numbers

Lessons that rely on your understanding of French numbers:

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French Numbers: 20-59

The French numbers 20 through 59 are formed just like their English equivalents: the tens word (vingt, trente, quarante, cinquante) is joined by a hyphen to the ones word (un, deux, trois, etc).

 There is one difference: for 21, 31, 41, and 51, the word et (and) is required between the tens word and un, without hyphens.

20vingt 30trente
21vingt et un 31trente et un
22vingt-deux 32trente-deux
23vingt-trois 33trente-trois
24vingt-quatre 34trente-quatre
25vingt-cinq 35trente-cinq
26vingt-six 36trente-six
27vingt-sept 37trente-sept
28vingt-huit 38trente-huit
29vingt-neuf 39trente-neuf
40quarante 50cinquante
41quarante et un 51cinquante et un
42quarante-deux 52cinquante-deux
43quarante-trois 53cinquante-trois
44quarante-quatre 54cinquante-quatre
45quarante-cinq 55cinquante-cinq
46quarante-six 56cinquante-six
47quarante-sept 57cinquante-sept
48quarante-huit 58cinquante-huit
49quarante-neuf 59cinquante-neuf

 Listening practice: 20-59

Using French numbers

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Counting in French

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