Chercher midi à 14 heures

Chercher midi à 14h
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French Expression

Meaning to complicate things, make something more complicated
Literally to look for noon at 2 pm
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Pronunciation [sher shay mi di ah kah tor zeur]
IPA   [ʃɛʁ ʃe mi di a ka tɔʁ zœʁ]

Usage notes: When you’re complicating things, you’re looking for noon at 2pm, according to the French idiom chercher midi à quatorze heures.

Par exemple…

Il n’y a plus de travail à faire, ne cherche pas midi à quatorze heures.   There’s no more work to do, don’t make things more complicated.
Ah, tu cherches toujours midi à quatorze heures !   Ah, you’re always complicating things!

It’s kind of an odd expression if you think about it, since finding a time that has already come and gone isn’t just difficult – it’s literally impossible. Fun with idioms!  🙂

Humorous variation: chercher midi à douze heures – to look for noon at twelve o’clock

Somewhat synonymous

  • chercher des poux – to quibble
  • compliquer les choses – to complicate matters
  • (se) faire une montagne d’une taupinière – to make a mountain out of a molehill

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Cherchez midi à quatorze heures

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