Multiplicative Numbers

French multiplicatives
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Numéraux multiplicatifs

Multiplicative numbers are, unsurprisingly, words used to multiply nouns. The numbers themselves can be adjectives or nouns – either way, their gender agrees with the nouns they modify / replace.

Par exemple…

J’ai mangĂ© une double portion de frites. I ate a double portion of fries.
Il gagne le triple de moi. He earns three times more than I do.

Only the first few multiplicatives are typically used in either French or English; beyond that, it’s more common to just say (nombre) fois, (number) times, or (number)fold.

quintuplex5quintuple, five times, fivefold
sextuplex6sextuple, six times, sixfold
septuplex7septuple, seven times, sevenfold
octuplex8octuple, eight times, eightfold
nonuplex9nonuple, nine times, ninefold
décuplex10decuple, ten times, tenfold
centuplex100a hundred times, a hundredfold

Multiplicative verbs

Multiplicatives have equivalent French verbs, but again, the higher numbers are rarely if ever used.

Adjective / Noun French Verb
double doubler
triple tripler
quadruple quadrupler

Multiple births

Most of the names for multiple babies are based on multiplicative numbers.

un/e singleton1 of 1 babysingleton
un jumeau
une jumelle
1 of 2 babiestwin
un triplé
une triplée
1 of 3 babiestriplet
un quadruplé
une quadruplée
1 of 4 babiesquadruplet
un quintuplé
une quintuplée
1 of 5 babiesquintuplet
un sextuplé
une sextuplée
1 of 6 babiessextuplet
un septuplé
une septuplée
1 of 7 babiesseptuplet
un octuplé
une octuplée
1 of 8 babiesoctuplet
un nonuplé
une nonuplée
1 of 9 babiesnonuplet
un décuplé
une décuplée
1 of 10 babiesdecuplet

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French multiplicatives

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