Numbers and Counting: 60 to 99

Les nombres et le calcul

French numbers
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Learn the French numbers and how to count from 60 to 99.

French Numbers: 60-69

The numbers 60 to 69 follow the same rules as 20 to 59.

60  soixante
61  soixante et un
62  soixante-deux
63  soixante-trois
64  soixante-quatre
65  soixante-cinq
66  soixante-six
67  soixante-sept
68  soixante-huit
69  soixante-neuf

French Numbers: 70-79

Things start getting weird at 70 because standard French* doesn’t have a new “tens” word here; instead, soixante is kept and the “ones” just continue climbing into the teens:

70  soixante-dix
71  soixante et onze
72  soixante-douze
73  soixante-treize
74  soixante-quatorze
75  soixante-quinze
76  soixante-seize
77  soixante-dix-sept
78  soixante-dix-huit
79  soixante-dix-neuf

Soixante-dix literally means “sixty-ten,” soixante et onze means "sixty and eleven," soixante-douze is "sixty-twelve," etc.

French Numbers: 80-89

Likewise, there’s no word for “eighty” in standard French.* The French say quatre-vingts, literally four-twenties.** So 81 is quatre-vingt-un (four-twenty-one), 82 is quatre-vingt-deux (four-twenty-two), etc.

80  quatre-vingts
81  quatre-vingt-un
82  quatre-vingt-deux
83  quatre-vingt-trois
84  quatre-vingt-quatre
85  quatre-vingt-cinq
86  quatre-vingt-six
87  quatre-vingt-sept
88  quatre-vingt-huit
89  quatre-vingt-neuf

French Numbers: 90-99

In keeping with the general weirdness at this end of the number scale, there’s no standard French word for ninety* either; it follows the same pattern as 70. That is, you continue using quatre-vingt and adding from ten. 90 is quatre-vingt-dix (four-twenty-ten), 91 is quatre-vingt-onze (four-twenty-eleven), etc.

90  quatre-vingt-dix
91  quatre-vingt-onze
92  quatre-vingt-douze
93  quatre-vingt-treize
94  quatre-vingt-quatorze
95  quatre-vingt-quinze
96  quatre-vingt-seize
97  quatre-vingt-dix-sept
98  quatre-vingt-dix-huit
99  quatre-vingt-dix-neuf

 Listening practice: 60-99

  À noter

*In some French-speaking areas, such as Belgium and Switzerland, “seventy” is septante and "ninety" is nonante. As for 80, Belgium uses the standard quatre-vingts, while Switzerland uses huitante. There’s also an archaic word octante that you might hear in Switzerland or the South of France.

**Four-twenties isn’t as odd as it might seem at first glance. Ever heard "Four-score and seven years ago"?

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