Numbers 60-99

Listen to French numbers
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Listen and repeat

Learn to understand and pronounce the French numbers 60 to 99. For detailed info, see my lesson on numbers and counting.

How to use these listening exercises

  1. The sound files are MP3s and you can either listen to them online or save them to your computer for later. If you don’t know how to do this or can’t hear anything, please read help with sound files.
  2. Click “listen.” You can either listen and repeat the numbers or else practice writing them in French, in English, or as digits.
  3. After listening to the sound file for the random exercises, click “reveal” to check what you heard.
  4. You can listen as many times as you like.

Lesson: French Numbers 60-99

French sound filesListen

61soixante et un71soixante et onze81quatre-vingt-un91quatre-vingt-onze

Number Exercise 1

Random numbers to test your comprehension: French sound filesListen

Click to see the list (in groups of five):

Reveal numbers
67  94  82  79  86

Reveal numbers
90  64  77  71  93

Reveal numbers
88  65  69  82  80

Reveal numbers
96  73  91  75  98

Number Exercise 2

More random numbers to test your comprehension: French sound filesListen

Click to see the list:

Reveal numbers
79  84  70  92  68

Reveal numbers
83  71  96  95  77

Reveal numbers
64  70  78  62  89

Reveal numbers
81  93  55  97  86

French lesson plans French lesson plan

 More French Numbers


Sound files courtesy
of Annie Sargent from

Lesson: Numbers and counting
Listening practice
0 to 9 Decimals
10 to 19 Phone numbers
20 to 59 Prices
60 to 99 Times
100 to 999 Weights/measures
1,000 and up Years

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Practice French numbers 60 to 99

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