Phone Number Practice

Phone numbers in French
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Listen and repeat

Learn to understand and pronounce French phone numbers.

How to use these listening exercises

  1. I strongly recommend that you master the numbers 0 to 99* before moving into phone numbers.
  2. Note that French phone numbers are typically stated in groups of two:
         01 20 54 98 76 = zéro un, vingt, cinquante-quatre, quatre-vingt-dix-huit, soixante-seize
  3. The sound files are MP3s and you can either listen to them online or save them to your computer for later. If you don’t know how to do this or can’t hear anything, please read help with sound files.
  4. Click “listen.” You can either listen and repeat the numbers or else practice writing them in French, in English, or as digits.
  5. After listening to the sound file for the random exercises, click “reveal” to check what you heard.
  6. You can listen as many times as you like.

Number Exercise 1

Random phone numbers to test your comprehension of French numbers: Listen

Click to see each phone number:


Sound files courtesy of Véronique F. Courtois,
author of Les aventures parisiennes de Kimberly.

Number Exercise 2

Phone numbers spoken much more quickly to further test your comprehension: Listen

Click to see each phone number:

 *More French Numbers

Lesson: Numbers and counting
Listening practice
0 to 9   Decimals
10 to 19   Phone numbers
20 to 59   Prices
60 to 99   Times
100 to 999   Weights/measures
1,000 and up   Years

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