Weights and Measures

Weights and measures in French
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Poids et mesures

Like most of the world, the French use the metric system for weights and measures. Here are the main units and a link to a converter so you can find out the Imperial equivalents.

Weight / Le poids

  gram   un gramme
  kilogram   un kilogramme
un kilo

Volume / Le volume

  liter   un litre
  milliliter   un millilitre

Length / La longueur

  centimeter   un centimètre
  meter   un mètre
  kilometer   un kilomètre

 When weights and measures are used in front of nouns, the preposition de is required and the article is omitted:

un kilo de tomates   a kilogram of tomatoes
un litre de lait   a liter of milk

Imperial System

foot   un pied (anglais)
inch   un pouce
mile   un mile
pound   une livre

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French weights and measures

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