Adverbs of Quantity

French adverbs of quantity
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Adverbes de quantité

Adverbs of quantity express how much, how many, or to what extent.

assez quite, fairly, enough
autant as much, as many
beaucoup a lot, many
bien very, really, quite
combien how many, much
davantage more
encore de more
environ around, approximately
moins less, fewer
pas mal quite a few
(un) peu few, little, not very
plus more
seulement only
si so
tant so much, so many
tellement so
très very
trop too much, too many

Par exemple…

Je suis très fatigué. I’m very tired.
Il a peu mangé. He ate little.
Combien as-tu payé ? How much did you pay?

 To modify the quantity of a noun, use an expression of quantity.

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French adverbs of quantity

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