French connectivesConnectives are links: they combine words, phrases, or sentences. Connectives do not constitute a single part of speech, but rather a category of terms including all conjunctions and prepositions as well as certain types of adverbs and pronouns used in this way.



Daily Practice Ideas

Daily French practice ideasPractice is the key to improving your French, and just 15 minutes a day on some kind of French activity can make a huge difference. Check out these ideas and draw up your own schedule.


DELF B2 Tips

DELF B2 - French proficiency testThe DELF B2 will test you on the four language skills in French: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Here's some info about what to expect as well as tips on how to prepare for the test.



Delphine, by Mme de Staël
Read the first few paragraphs of Madame de Staël's epistolary novel Delphine.



Dictées are a classic way to practice French, even for native speakers. For them, dictées are a test of grammar (particularly agreement) and spelling - sort of like super-charged spelling bees. For French students, dictées are an excellent form of combined listening and writing practice.



Direct vs Indirect Objects

French direct vs indirect object pronounsDirect objects and indirect objects can be tricky to understand and use, but it's essential to know the difference in order to speak and write French correctly. Here are some tips to help you figure out which type of object you're dealing with.



Édith Piaf

Édith Piaf
Édith Piaf was a French cabaret singer and international star. In this short interview, she talks about why she sings so many love songs.





FluentU – French Videos

FluentU French videosFrench videoFrench learners are always looking for new sources of French listening practice, and FluentU is one of the best. This subscription site offers videos for all levels of French, enhanced with quizzes, spaced repetition, and other tools to help you practice what you know and learn at your own pace.


Folies Bergère

Aux Folies Bergère
Le légendaire théâtre des Folies Bergère de Paris est l'un des plus célèbres établissements proposant des spectacles dansés et de variété de la Ville Lumière. (French listening comprehension with English translation)