Reporting Verbs

French reporting verbsSometimes it's necessary for person A to tell person B what person C said. This phenomenon, known as reported speech, is often done with the help of a reporting verb. Here are the most common French reporting verbs with links to conjugation tables.



Jours fériés - French holidaysFrance has 11 public holidays (bank holidays), known as jours fériés, jours chômés, fêtes chômées, or fêtes légales.



Bastille Day à fond

Bastille DayThis issue of Lawless French à fond takes an in-depth look at the French national holiday and explains everything you could possibly want to know about the celebration of Bastille Day.



Lawless French à fond

Lawless French à fondOne day, I was idly thinking about French questions that get asked over and over, and inspiration struck: why not create a one-stop resource for lessons, practice exercises, and related content for those knotty topics? And thus Lawless French à fond was born.