Manifestation à Paris

Manifestation à Paris
Protests over the police killing of George Floyd in the US have spread all over the world, including Paris, reigniting anger over the killing of Adama Traoré in 2016 as well as police violence in general.



Et demain ?

Et demain - chanson
More than 300 French celebrities, confined alone at home but together in spirit, sang a beautiful song in appreciation of hospital workers making another tomorrow possible for the rest of us. Video with interactive subtitles.



Attestation de déplacement dérogatoire

On 16 March 2020, the French government announced strict measures to control the spread of COVID-19, including total confinement for 15 days. Anyone leaving their home must show a signed copy of this document upon request. I've turned it into a reading comprehension exercise with side-by-side translation. Updated 2 April 2020




French election vocabulary
In French election years, newspapers are filled with an array of specialized words and phrases you might not be familiar with. Here's some essential vocabulary to help you make sense of everything.


News in Slow French

News in Slow French
News in Slow French is a weekly podcast aimed at intermediate-level French students. Native speakers report current events at a reduced but not unnatural pace, making it easier for you to understand without being overloaded by rapid-fire French.


Pain au chocolat vs Chocolatine

Pain au chocolat
Depending who you're talking to, those lovely little pastries filled with chocolate might be called pains au chocolat or chocolatines. This tasty debate has finally been settled once and for all - at least in theory. Find out more in this short, fun video with interactive subtitles.


Public Holidays

French holidays - jours fériés
Everyone loves a good public holiday, n'est-ce pas ? France has 11 of them, but they're not always paid days off from work. Learn about jours fériés in this audio article.