French election vocabulary
In French election years, newspapers are filled with an array of specialized words and phrases you might not be familiar with. Here's some essential vocabulary to help you make sense of everything.

Regions of France

Regions of France
There used to be 22 regions in Metropolitan France, now there are only 13. Learn about the newly combined and renamed French regions in this bilingual audio article.








Régionales 2015

Élections régionales 2015
Short video summarizing the results of the 2015 regional French elections. Great for practicing numbers, regions, and names!




COP21 - Paris climate talks
Short video summarizing the first day of COP21, the 21st Conference of the Parties on climate change.


Attentats terroristes à Paris

Attentats terroristes à Paris
On 13 November 2015, Paris was struck by simultaneous terrorist attacks. Here is the video of President François Hollande's speech that night, with transcript and translation.