French news vocabulary
If you want to know what's going on in the world, this vocabulary related to news and current events will help you understand what you read and hear.



Irma in Guadeloupe

Hurricane Irma
In early September 2017, Hurricane Irma destroyed several Caribbean islands and affected many others. Guadeloupe, where I live, was one of them.



Jours fériés - French holidaysFrance has 11 public holidays (bank holidays), known as jours fériés, jours chômés, fêtes chômées, or fêtes légales.

Vive la France ! (excerpts)

Vive la France
Want to hear the patriotic French expression Vive la France ! in the wild? Check out these clips taken from speeches by French presidents and presidential candidates.



Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron
Video of French President-elect Emmanuel Macron's victory speech with transcript and translation, plus grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation notes.




Regions of France

Regions of France
There used to be 22 regions in Metropolitan France, now there are only 13. Learn about the newly combined and renamed French regions in this bilingual audio article.