Distanciation sociale

La distanciation sociale
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French Expression

Meaning social distancing
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [dee sta(n) syah syo(n) suh syahl]
IPA   [di stã sja sjɔ̃ sɔ sjal]

Usage notes: The concept of distanciation sociale is simple: to prevent or reduce the spread of a highly contagious disease, people should maintain a safe distance from one another. But what is a safe distance? It depends on how the disease is transmitted; once that is determined, doctors can advise people how far to stay away from others when out in public.

Par exemple…

La distanciation sociale est essentielle en ce moment.   Social distancing is essential right now.
Tout le monde doit pratiquer la distanciation sociale.   Everyone must practice social distancing.

 Some suggest calling this distanciation physique (physical distancing) instead, to stress the goal of staying physically separate from other people while maintaining social connections via video, phone, email, etc.

While the idea of distanciation sociale has been around since the days of leprosy, the term was probably at its all-time peak during the 2020 novel coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.

 Not to be confused with …

1. Social distancing vs Quarantine
In a quarantine, une quarantaine, infected persons are restricted to their homes or other designated areas.

2. Social distancing vs Social distance
Social distance, l’espace vital, is the concept of personal space – the distance that human beings require or desire between themselves and others to feel comfortable. The amount varies greatly between cultures.

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Distanciation sociale

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