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Journaux et magazines français

A great way to practice reading French, learning vocabulary, and finding out what’s going on the world is to read the news in French.

Here’s a very brief overview of national French newspapers and magazines, in alphabetical order, to help you decide which one(s) you might like to read. "Frequency" refers to the paper editions, though of course the websites are usually updated more frequently.


Name Nickname   Frequency
20 Minutes     Daily Free
Le Canard enchaîné Le Canard   Weekly Satirical
Charlie Hebdo Charlie   Weekly Satirical
La Croix     Daily Catholic
Les Échos     Daily Economics/Finance
L’Équipe     Daily Sports
L’Express     Weekly Left-leaning
Le Figaro     Weekly Right-wing
L’Humanité L’Huma   Daily Communist, Left-wing
Libération Libé   Daily Left-leaning
Marianne     Weekly Left-wing
Metronews     Daily Free
Le Monde     Daily Left-leaning
Le Nouvel Observateur L’Obs   Weekly Left-leaning
Ouest-France     Daily Right-leaning, Regional
Le Parisien     Daily General interest
Paris-Match     Weekly Photos, Celebrities

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French newspapers

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1 Response

  1. Martin Fisher 1 May 2018 / 11:35

    I’m a reader of Le Figaro, so can confirm that it is a DAILY newspaper, although it does have a magazine which is weekly.