7 Names for France

7 names for France
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Synonyms and specifications

Have you ever noticed that “France” is called by several different names? Learn the various synonyms and the exact meanings of each one.

1) la France

France is the most common, general term and indicates the entire country, including the DOM-TOM (see below).
Vive la France !

2) la RĂ©publique

“The Republic,” the most patriotic term, refers to France by way of its republican constitution.

Variation: la RĂ©publique française is the official name of the country and is commonly abbreviated as RF.
Vive la RĂ©publique !

3) l’Hexagone

The nickname “Hexagon” refers to the shape of the mainland’s borders and so does not include the DOM-TOM, though curiously it does include Corsica.

4) la MĂ©tropole

“Metropolis,” synonymous with l’Hexagone. This is the term inhabitants of the DOM-TOM tend to use when referring to the mainland.

5) la France métropolitaine

“Metropolitan France,” synonymous with la MĂ©tropole and l’Hexagone.

6) la France continentale

“Continental France” indicates just the actual hexagon: metropolitan France minus Corsica.

7) la France profonde

“Deep France” refers to rural France: the villages and provincial life found outside of the cities.

 la Gaule is the French version of Gallia, the original Latin name of the area that includes present-day France; Luxembourg; Belgium; most of Switzerland; and parts of Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. The name changed to Francia in the Middle Ages. The term la Gaule doesn’t refer to modern France, but its adjective gaulois is sometimes employed for historical or humorous effect.

 les DOM-TOM : dĂ©partements d’outre-mer et territoires d’outre-mer

Though this acronym for “overseas departments and territories” is no longer accurate,* it’s still the most common term to refer jointly to

  • cinq dĂ©partements d’outre-mer (DOM) : French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, la RĂ©union
  • un territoire d’outre-mer (TOM) : French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  • cinq collectivitĂ©s d’outre-mer (COM) : French Polynesia, Saint BarthĂ©lemy, Saint-Martin, Saint Pierre-et-Miquelon, Wallis-et-Futuna
  • une collectivitĂ© d’outre mer Ă  statut particulier : la Nouvelle-CalĂ©donie

Synonyms: la France d’outre-mer, la France ultramarine

* It should be DOM-ROM-TOM-COM or DROM-TOM-COM. The “R” stands for rĂ©gion, as all of the dĂ©partements d’outre-mer are also rĂ©gions d’outre-mer.

🙂  Vive la France !  🙂

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Synonyms for France

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