French and France

French and France vocabulary
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Français et la France

Learn some French vocabulary for describing all things related to French and France. Vive la France !

les Français   the French (people)
un Français   French man, boy, person
une Française   French woman, girl
français (adj)   French
à la française   in the French style or manner
le français   the French language
le franglais   informal mix of French and English
franco- (prefix)   French-
franco-canadien   French-Canadian
francocentrique   Franco-centric
franco-français   French-French, concerning two French groups
la françafrique   France’s relationship with former African colonies
la Francophonie   the phenomenon of speaking French, the French-speaking community
un.e Francophone   French speaker
francophone (adj)   French-speaking
un.e francophile   Francophile, person who loves/admires France and the French
francophile (adj)   Francophile, fond of France and the French
un.e francophobe   Francophobe, person who hates France and the French
francophobe (adj)   Francophobic, hostile toward France and the French
la francomanie   French mania, excessively Francophile
franciser   to Frenchify, to make look/sound French
la francisation   Frenchification
la francité   Frenchness
un franchouillard
une franchouillarde
  a stereotypically narrow-minded French person (derogatory)
franchouillard (adj)   stereotypically French (derogatory)

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French and France

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