French and France

French and France vocabulary
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Français et la France

Learn some French vocabulary for describing all things related to French and France. Vive la France !

les Français the French (people)
un Français French man, boy, person
une Française French woman, girl
français(adj) French
à la française in the French style or manner
le français the French language
le franglais informal mix of French and English
franco-(prefix) French-
franco-canadien French-Canadian
francocentrique Franco-centric
franco-français French-French, concerning two French groups
la françafrique France’s relationship with former African colonies
la Francophonie the phenomenon of speaking French, the French-speaking community
un/e Francophone French speaker
francophone(adj) French-speaking
un/e francophile Francophile, person who loves/admires France and the French
francophile(adj) Francophile, fond of France and the French
un/e francophobe Francophobe, person who hates France and the French
francophobe(adj) Francophobic, hostile toward France and the French
la francomanie French mania, excessively Francophile
franciser to Frenchify, to make look/sound French
la francisation Frenchification
la francité Frenchness
un franchouillard
une franchouillarde
 a stereotypically narrow-minded French person (derogatory)
franchouillard(adj) stereotypically French (derogatory)

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French and France

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