Reporting Verbs

French reporting verbs
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Verbes de reportage

Sometimes it’s necessary for person A to tell person B what person C said. This phenomenon, known as reported speech, is often done with the help of a reporting verb. Here are the most common French reporting verbs with links to conjugation tables.

affirmer   to assert
ajouter   to add
annoncer     to announce
conclure   to conclude
crier   to shout, cry out
déclarer   to declare
demander   to ask
se demander   to wonder
dire   to say
s’écrier   to exclaim
écrire   to write
exclamer   to exclaim
expliquer   to explain
hasarder   to hazard, venture
insister   to insist
lancer   to shout out, interject
mentionner   to mention
prétendre   to claim
proclamer      to proclaim
prononcer   to utter
proposer   to propose, suggest
recommander   to recommend
remarquer   to comment
répliquer   to reply
répondre     to answer
rétorquer   to retort
signaler   to report
souligner   to emphasize
soutenir   to maintain
suggérer   to suggest

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French reporting verbs

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