un gilet

Gilet - cardigan

Part of speech: noun

Sound file: gilet

Register: normal

Translation: cardigan; suit vest, (UK) waistcoat; undershirt, (UK) vest

Il fait frais, je vais mettre un gilet. – It’s chilly, I’m going to put on a cardigan.

C’est un dîner formel, vous devez porter un gilet. – It’s a formal dinner, you need to wear a vest with your suit (i.e., a three-piece suit).

Informal idiom: aller pleurer dans le gilet de quelqu’un – to run crying to someone

Gilet jaune - yellow vestTypes of gilet

  • un gilet à l’épreuve des balles – bulletproof jacket
  • un gilet d’armes – body armor
  • un gilet de corps – undershirt, (UK) vest
  • un gilet de haute visibilité – vest with reflective stripes that French drivers are required to have in their car. It may be any color, but yellow is the most common.
  • un gilet de laine – wool cardigan
  • un gilet jaune – fluorescent yellow gilet de haute visibilité
  • un gilet pare-balles – bulletproof jacket
  • un gilet de peau – undershirt, (UK) vest
  • un gilet de sauvetage – life jacket / vest

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Video: Gilets Jaunes Dancing Remix

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