Belles Villes

Plus Beaux Villages
La beauté est quelque chose de subjectif ... sauf en France. Quand on commence à explorer l'Hexagone, on découvre qu'il a son mot à dire sur ses propres charmes. Il y a au moins trois labels de qualité que peuvent recevoir les communes françaises.




C’est vs Il est

C'est vs il estThe French expressions c'est and il est can be tricky because they are synonymous but not interchangeable. Which one to use depends less on meaning than it does on grammar.



Carte postale

Carte postale
Listen to this postcard about a girl's fun summer vacation with her grandparents to practice your French listening comprehension.



French chores
No one likes to do them, but everyone has to. Learn how to talk about common household chores in French.




Comparative Adverbs

French comparative adverbsComparative adverbs are used to compare the relative superiority or inferiority of two or more things. This superior lesson will keep you from getting an inferiority complex. ;-)