Obvier (literary) – to take precautions, overcome, obviate

French Verb Conjugations

 PresentImperfectFutureConditionalSubjunctiveImperfect subj.
vousobviezobviiezobvierezobvieriezobviiez obviassiez
 Pass√© compos√©Past perfectFuture perfectPast conditionalPast subjunctivePluperfect subj.
j’ai obvi√©avais obvi√©aurai obvi√©aurais obvi√©aie obvi√©eusse obvi√©
tuas obviéavais obviéauras obviéaurais obviéaies obviéeusses obvié
ila obvi√©avait obvi√©aura obvi√©aurait obvi√©ait obvi√©e√Ľt obvi√©
nousavons obviéavions obviéaurons obviéaurions obviéayons obviéeussions obvié
vousavez obviéaviez obviéaurez obviéauriez obviéayez obviéeussiez obvié
ilsont obviéavaient obviéauront obviéauraient obviéaient obviéeussent obvié
 Pass√© simplePast anteriorImperativeParticiples 
j’obviaieus obvi√© (tu)obvie Presentobviant
tuobviaseus obvi√© (nous)obvions Pastobvi√©
ilobviaeut obvi√© (vous)obviez Perfectayant obvi√©
nousobvi√Ęmese√Ľmes obvi√© Past imperative  
vousobvi√Ętese√Ľtes obvi√© (tu)aie obvi√©Past infinitive
ilsobvi√®renteurent obvi√© (nous)ayons obvi√© avoir obvi√©
    (vous)ayez obvi√©  

  Obvier is a regular -er verb (although it is slightly weird).

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