Orthographe et expression écrite

Orthographe et expression écriteWriting in FrenchQue vous soyez français ou bien étudiant avec un niveau de français supérieur, vous pouvez améliorer votre orthographe et expression écrite en explorant l'univers de la Francophonie pendant 10 minutes chaque jour.



Re- Prefix

French prefixThe French prefix re- can be added to hundreds of verbs to make new verbs. Depending on the first letter of the verb it's added to, re- has a few variations as well as some different meanings.


Scribe – Dictées

French dictées
Dictées, or dictation exercises, are excellent for working on your French listening comprehension as well as spelling, vocabulary, and grammar all at the same time. Scribe is a very sophisticated program that provides real-time feedback as you listen and type.


Silent Letters

French silent lettersFrench has a lot of silent letters, which can make pronunciation and spelling exasperating—at least until you learn the rules and patterns to these sneaky non-sounds.


Spelling Change Verbs -cer -ger

French spelling change verbsFrench verbs that end in -cer or -ger require a small spelling change in certain conjugations. For the most part, these verbs are conjugated just like regular -er verbs, other than a little problem in some conjugations that must be corrected for reasons of pronunciation. It's easy enough to do, once you understand why and how.


Spelling Equivalents

French English spelling equivalents
Thanks to extensive Latin and French influence on English, French and English have many corresponding spelling patterns. These come in handy when learning French, as it means there lots of cognates that you'll easily recognize and understand at first sight.


Stem-Changing Verbs -e_er -é_er -yer

French stem changing verbsStem-changing verbs, also known as "shoe verbs" or "boot verbs," take the same conjugation endings as regular -er verbs, but have two different verb stems depending on the grammatical person the verb is conjugated for.



French texting abbreviations
There are many varieties of French, but perhaps one of the most elusive is French texting: the bewildering assortment of abbreviations, acronyms, and even symbols used in email, text messaging (SMS), social media, chatrooms, and forums.