Avec - French prepositionThe preposition avec is used similarly to its English equivalent "with," but with a few differences.


Avoir – to have

Avoir - to have - French verbAvoir is one of the two most important French verbs and has irregular conjugations in just about every tense and mood. Avoir literally means "to have" but also serves an an auxiliary verb and is found in many idiomatic expressions.





French body parts
Knowing the parts of the body can come in handy when playing sports, clothes shopping, seeing the doctor, and more. Learn how to talk about your body in French, from head to toe.




C'est un garçon !
C'est, literally "this is," is the required contraction of ce + est. It's one of the most important French expressions with a few possible meanings, including that is, it is, and he is.


Ça va

Ça va ?
Once you read this lesson on the French expression ça va, you'll feel fine.



French calendar
Knowing the days of the week, months of the year, and seasons will come in handy when traveling, making plans with friends, talking about history, and lots more.





French clothing
Learn the French words for clothing so that you can dress yourself in French. Click any underlined word or phrase to hear it pronounced.



French colors
What do buying clothes, talking about art, and shopping for fruits and vegetables have in common? Color! If you want to make sure to buy red tomatoes and critique an artist's use of green, you'll need to know the French colors.


Consonants for Beginners

Pronunciation of French consonantsMore than half of French consonants are very similar to their English countparts, but a few are completely different. Here's a quick overview to help you get started learning French.