Translating Simple Tenses and Moods

Traduire les temps et modes simples

Translating simple French verb conjugations
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French and English have a number of important differences in verb tenses and moods, which can make translating the various conjugations from one language to the other a bit tricky, as explained in the intro to this lesson: French verb conjugation translations.

Please be sure to keep all of that in mind as you look at the verb donner (to give) conjugated into every simple French verb form. I can’t list every possible translation, but this should give you a pretty good idea of how French and English verb conjugations fit together. For a more in-depth look, click the heading above any table for the detailed French lesson.

Present tense

    Simple present Present progressive Present emphatic
je donne   I give I am giving I do give
tu donnes   you give you are giving you do give
il donne   he gives he is giving he does give
elle donne   she gives she is giving she does give
nous donnons   we give we are giving we do give
vous donnez   you give you are giving you do give
ils donnent   they give they are giving they do give


    Future Future progressive
je donnerai   I will give I will be giving
tu donneras   you will give you will be giving
il donnera   he will give he will be giving
elle donnera   she will give she will be giving
nous donnerons   we will give we will be giving
vous donnerez   you will give you will be giving
ils donneront   they will give they will be giving


    Conditional Conditional progressive
je donnerais   I would give I would be giving
tu donnerais   you would give you would be giving
il donnerait   he would give he would be giving
elle donnerait   she would give she would be giving
nous donnerions   we would give we would be giving
vous donneriez   you would give you would be giving
ils donneraient   they would give they would be giving


    Past progressive  
je donnais   I was giving I used to give
tu donnais   you were giving you used to give
il donnait   he was giving he used to give
elle donnait   she was giving she used to give
nous donnions   we were giving we used to give
vous donniez   you were giving you used to give
ils donnaient   they were giving they used to give


    Present / Subjunctive Progressive
que je donne   that I give that I am (be) giving
que tu donnes   that you give that you are (be) giving
qu’il donne   that he gives that he is (be) giving
qu’elle donne   that she gives that she is (be) giving
que nous donnions   that we give that we are (be) giving
que vous donniez   that you give that you are (be) giving
qu’ils donnent   that they give that they are (be) giving

Passé simple

    Simple past Past emphatic
je donnai   I gave I did give
tu donnas   you gave you did give
il donna   he gave he did give
elle donna   she gave she did give
nous donnĂ¢mes   we gave we did give
vous donnĂ¢tes   you gave you did give
ils donnèrent   they gave they did give

Imperfect subjunctive

    Simple past Past progressive
que je donnasse   that I gave that I was giving
que tu donnasses   that you gave that you were giving
qu’il donnĂ¢t   that he gave that he was giving
qu’elle donnĂ¢t   that she gave that she was giving
que nous donnĂ¢mes   that we gave that we were giving
que vous donnĂ¢tes   that you gave that you were giving
qu’ils donnèrent   that they giae that they were giving

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Translating simple French tenses and moods

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