Pronouns and Adjectives: 3rd Person Singular

Pronoms personnels et adjectifs

French has so many different personal pronouns and adjectives that it can be difficult to remember what they all mean and who goes with what. Here are all of the third person singular personal pronouns and adjectives with examples and links to lessons.

Subject pronouns il elle on  
  Il est prêt.
Elle a raison.
On part demain.
He’s ready.
She’s right.
We’re leaving tomorrow.
Reflexive pronoun se s’    
  Il se lève.
Elle s’habille.
He’s getting up.
She’s getting dressed.
Direct object pronouns le la l’  
  Il le fait.
Je la connais.
Nous l’avons.
He’s doing it.
I know her.
We have it.
Indirect object pronoun lui      
  Nous lui parlons. We’re talking to him/her.
Stressed pronouns lui elle soi  
  Lui, il ne sait rien.
C’est pour lui..
Chacun pour soi.
Him, he doesn’t know anything.
It’s for her.
Every man for himself.
Possessive pronouns le sien la sienne les siens les siennes
  Ce sont les siens. These are his/hers.
Possessive adjectives son sa ses  
  Voilà son fils.
C’est sa sœur.
Où sont ses clés ?
There’s his/her son.
That’s his/her sister.
Where are his/her keys?

French personal pronouns and adjectives

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Il elle lui le la se - French pronouns

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