Pronouns and Adjectives: 2nd Person Plural

Pronoms personnels et adjectifs

French has so many different personal pronouns and adjectives that it can be difficult to remember what they all mean and who goes with what. Here are all of the second person plural personal pronouns and adjectives with examples and links to lessons.

Subject pronounvous  
 Où êtes-vous ?Where are you?
Reflexive pronounvous  
 Vous vous parlez.You’re talking to yourself.
Direct object pronounvous  
 Elle vous connaît.She knows you.
Indirect object pronounvous  
 Je vous parle.I’m talking to you.
Stressed pronounvous  
 C’est pour vous.It’s for you.
Possessive pronounsle vôtrela vôtreles vôtres
 Où est le vôtre ?
Ce sont les vôtres.
Where is yours?
These are yours.
Possessive adjectivesvotre vos
 Voilà votre fille.There’s your daughter.

French personal pronouns and adjectives

First person singular   First person plural
Second person singular   Second person plural
Third person singular   Third person plural

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Vous votre les vôtres - French pronouns

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