Impersonal Pronouns

Pronoms impersonnels

Unlike personal pronouns, impersonal pronouns do not have different forms for each grammatical person. However, some have different forms that agree with the nouns they replace.

Adverbial pronounsen, y

Replace a quantity or place.

Demonstrative pronounscelui, celle, ceux, celles

Replace previously mentioned noun.

Impersonal subjectsce, il

Introduce impersonal verb or expression.

Indefinite demonstrative pronounsce, ceci, cela, ça

Stand in for unknown noun.

Indefinite pronounsautre, certains, plusieurs …

Indicate unspecific quantity or description.

Interrogative pronounsqui, que, lequel

Ask who, what, or which one.

Negative pronounsne __ personne, ne __ rien …

Replace and negate a noun.

Possessive pronounsmien, tienne, siens …

Replace and possess a noun.

Relative pronounsqui, que, dont, où, lequel

Link clauses with an antecedent.

Indefinite relative pronounsce qui, ce que, ce dont, ce à quoi

Link clauses without an antecedent.

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French impersonal pronouns

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