Future Tense Conjugations

French future conjugations
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Conjugaisons du futur

French future conjugations are, along with the conditional, the easiest in the entire language. Regular verbs and the majority of irregular verbs use their infinitives as the future stem, and there is a single set of future endings for all verbs.

Future conjugation rules

Par exemple…

Here are the future conjugations for the regular verbs aimer (to like), choisir (to choose), and rendre (to return); the stem-changing verb lever (to lift), and the irregular verb être (to be):

Pronoun Ending aimer > aimer choisir > choisir rendre > rendr lever > lèver être > ser
je / j’ -ai aimerai choisirai rendrai lèverai serai
tu -as aimeras choisiras rendras lèveras seras
il -a aimera choisira rendra lèvera sera
nous -ons aimerons choisirons rendrons lèverons serons
vous -ez aimerez choisirez rendrez lèverez serez
ils -ont aimeront choisiront rendront lèveront seront

 French Future Quizzes

Think you’ve got it? Test yourself on the French future with these fill-in-the-blank exercises:

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  French future stems are identical to conditional stems.

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French future conjugations

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