Regular -ir Verbs

Regular French verbs
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Verbes du deuxième groupe*

There are several hundred regular French verbs that end in –ir. To conjugate them, remove the infinitive ending and then add one of the following verb endings:

je -is   nous   -issons
tu -is   vous -issez
il -it   ils -issent

Par exemple, remplir:

je remplis   nous   remplissons
tu remplis   vous remplissez
il/elle/on remplit   ils/elles remplissent

Common regular -ir verbs

abolir   to abolish
accomplir   to accomplish
agir   to act
agrandir   to enlarge, to increase
avertir   to warn
bâtir   to build
bénir   to bless
blanchir   to whiten, to lighten
choisir   to choose
convertir   to convert
définir   to define
établir   to establish
étourdir   to stun, to deafen, to make dizzy
finir   to finish
franchir   to clear (an obstacle)
grossir   to gain weight, to get fat
guérir   to cure, to heal, to recover
investir   to invest
maigrir   to lose weight, to get thin
nourrir   to feed, to nourish
obéir   to obey
punir   to punish
réfléchir   to reflect, to think
remplir   to fill
réussir   to succeed
rougir   to blush, to turn red
saisir   to seize
vieillir   to age, grow old

 Several hundred verbs that end in –ir follow this pattern, but many others (acquérir, courir, partir, avoir, etc) are irregular –ir verbs.

 * French grammarians consider that there are three types of verbs.

 Regular –ir Verbs Quiz

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French regular -ir verbs

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